Discovery session:

Estimated initial time: A 5-10 minute phone or on-line conversation.

Purpose: To answer a potential patient/client’s questions, help them determine if engagement of my professional services could be beneficial to their individual situation, and if so, to obtain a time estimate and fee quote for the initial consultation.

Fee: There is no cost for this service.

Requirement: A discovery form must be completed and forwarded prior to the session being scheduled. Disclaimer: Clinical information/guidance is not provided and any information obtained during this informal session cannot replace the advice of a properly trained clinician who has had the opportunity to fully assess the situation through a direct history and examination.

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Diagnostic and treatment for patients with:

  • Low back pain, neck pain, and sciatica.
  • Disorders of the muscles and nerves causing problems with numbness, tingling, weakness.
  • Peripheral neuropathies.
  • Fatigue and exercise intolerance.
  • Fibromyalgia and generalized body pain.
  • Disorders of balance and coordination with emphasis on fall prevention.
  • We work with diabetics to help protect their nerves and control their blood sugar levels naturally.
  • Nutritional concerns.

Consultations for patients with a first time problem:

  • Obtain an accurate diagnosis.
  • Determine the necessity of any additional testing that could be necessary to clarify the problem being experienced.
  • Develop a logical and coordinated plan of action appropriate to your situation.
  • Learn self-care strategies.
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Consultations for patients with chronic or recurring problems:

  • Identify reasons for recurrences and chronicity.  Has something been overlooked?
  • Consider an alternative diagnosis that may alter the approach to treatment.
  • Identify new approaches to care that could have more lasting benefit.
  • Review home self-help strategies being used and modify as appropriate.
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Consultations for second opinions are useful when:

  • Conflicting opinions about treatment or testing have been given.
  • Improvement has not occurred or condition has worsened.
  • Surgery, of any type, is being considered.
  • Disagreements have arisen in a case involving medical-legal issues.
  • Uncertainty exists about medical terms, test results, or expectations from any form of treatment.
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On-line (virtual) clinical coaching advisory services are used to:

  • Clear up confusion about testing results or medical terminology.
  • Answer questions that have not been adequately addressed by a treating physician.
  • Provide information about various forms of treatment, when they are best used, and their expected results.
  • Review medical records and a patient’s history to give input about other diagnostic or treatment possibilities.
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Consultations for businesses: (Virtual or In-person)

  • Identify areas of excess cost for worker’s compensation injuries.
  • Implement worker education and spine safety training.
  • Assist in appropriately managing testing and treatment for corporate personnel with spine-related problems.
  • Implement virtual consulting service for employees having questions about their spine care.
  • Develop on-site employee education-information programs.

Consultations for legal professionals:

  • Provide completely objective and unbiased input on medical opinions received and overall case management.
  • Perform file reviews to identify areas that may have been overlooked by treating physicians or IME consultants.
  • Recognize and point out inaccurate or unsubstantiated conclusions, often resulting from pre-conceived clinical bias.


Nutritional Services:

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