Lumbar Canal Syndromes: For Doctors Who Think!


This 3 hour program will enhance the clinician’s ability to authoritatively manage lumbar central, lateral recess, and IVF stenosis.

Literature updates through March 2016 have been incorporated into the presentation insuring that the material is contemporary.

Relevant anatomical and physiological constructs will serve as a baseline to better understand the diverse and inconsistent presentation of these disorders.  Emphasis is given to the unappreciated role of dynamic factors and anatomical variations underlying atypical clinical scenarios.

The reliability, or lack of, various diagnostic assessments, including MRI and the associated measurements will be reviewed.  A clear understanding of the uncertain correlation between test abnormalities and symptoms will be gained.

Treatment outcomes will be discussed.  Relative “success” rates of differing forms of care will be compared and contrasted. Knowledge of these outcomes will assist the clinician in providing factual guidance to their patients.

Bonus resources, far exceeding the program fee, will be provided to each attendee.  See below for more information.


Bonus Clinical Resources

Bonus Clinical Resources: Via Drop Box Access

  • Power Point Report of Findings: To explain lumbar stenotic syndromes in a way that is accurate, understandable, and supportive of your recommendations.
  • Power Point Community Lecture: To educate the public, raising awareness of their treatment options and positioning you as an authoritative source for unbiased information.  
  • Letters to Defend Treatment Recommendations: To knowledgeably refute insurance company denials of beneficial care with referenced literature.
  • Selected Literature Statistics and References: To augment your confidence when in debate or discussion with intra-professional colleagues. 
  • Outcomes Assessment Forms: To enhance the objective management of stenotic disorders by being able to compare the expected outcomes of one form of treatment to another.
  • Statistics 101: Assists in literature interpretation. Adds credibility and strength to a report of findings or insurance rebuttals. 
Registration Information

Cincinnati Seminar

  • Date:  Thursday, 4-21-16
  • Time:  6-9 PM
  • Fee:     $40 ($30 if registered before 4-1-16)
  • Location:
    • Clarion Hotel North
    • 3855 Hauck Rd.
    • Cincinnati, OH 45241

Columbus Seminar:

  • Date:  Saturday, 4-23-16
  • Time:  10 AM-1 PM
  • Fee:     $40 ($30 if registered before 4-1-16)
  • Location:
    • Country Inn Suites-Columbus West
    • 1155 Evans Way Court
    • Columbus, OH  43228

Please email: to indicate intent to register.  You will then be promptly contacted.


  • The Authority of a Thousand is not Worth the Humble Reasoning of an Individual:  Why Society Needs You and Your Thinking.
  • The Lumbar Canal: Above, Down, Inside, Out.
  • What Measurements Matter, if Any?
  • Pathways to Pathology:  Neural, Vascular, and Inflammatory.
  • Dynamic considerations in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Reconciling Ambiguous and Atypical Presentations.
  • How Accurate are the Tests We Use?
  • Why All Stenosis is Not the Same
  • Defining Success:  Using Comparative Outcomes as a Guide to Treatment Planning.
  • The “Right” Surgery:  It’s in the Eye of the Beholder.
  • Conservative Care: Expectations, Outcomes, and Rationale.
  • A Case of Spinal Stenosis That Wasn’t:  What Would You Have Done?