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    Clinical Transitions is a LIVE, On-line, guided form of case study with participants actively working through clinical scenarios as they would be expected to present in real practice settings.

    The direction each case takes will largely depend on the input from the participants.

    Working through cases in “real time” and being asked to support clinical thought processes helps each participant develop a logical and efficient approach to clinical decision-making.

    Many if/then scenarios will also be presented with participants expected to adjust decision-making based upon the new information obtained. In this way true practical knowledge, as compared to rote memorization, is reinforced.

  • ”Why

    Most young non-allopathic clinicians have extensive didactic training but lack the type of residency experience that would allow them to put their knowledge to use in a practical and logical manner.

    This is especially true with more complex patients who often present with symptoms very similar to more “routine” disorders.

    Clinical Transitions fills this void by illustrating actual patients who had presented to a spine care facility for evaluation.

    As participants work through each case, they will gain greater confidence in their reasoning skills and ability to identify key features between various categories of spinal and non-spinal diseases.

  • ”What

    Since 1993, the nature of my practice as a consultant has exposed me to the front-line diagnosis of a wide range of spinal and peripheral neuromuscular diseases.  You can see my CV HERE.

    All of the cases illustrated in Clinical Transitions are either those that I was personally responsible for diagnosing or had to consider in the process of differentiating one disorder from another.

    Clinical Transitions was developed after having presented many case studies at various lecture venues and recognizing that real “knowing” is best accomplished with an interactive and engaged format.

  • ”Can

    Yes.  Click HERE to receive a FREE pre-recorded session.  Click HERE to enroll and participate in a FREE live session.

  • ”Am

    No.  You may enroll for a minimum of 12 hours of credit, amounting to attending 5 sessions.

    You may select any 5 that you want to attend.

  • ”Does

    Credit approval and college sponsorship to be determined.

  • ”What

    The cost of the entire program is $400 or ONLY $8 per credit hour.

    This is one of the most affordable, if not THE most affordable program available. The value of the program is enhanced by it being a LIVE and INTERACTIVE format that will be supplemented with an abundance of other usable resources.

    The cost of enrollment for 12 hours is only $150.

  • ”How

    Participation requires about 2 hours every 2 weeks.

    There are 21 different sessions, with a new session introduced every 2 weeks.

    For each 2 weeks that a given session is offered, there are 6 different time frames within which one could attend. Click HERE for the current schedule.

  • ”Do

    No.  You may enter the program at any time.

    It is expected that the various sessions will run on a continuous cycle allowing you to begin at any presentation and continue until you have completed your full 21 sessions.

    If for unexpected reasons the program is discontinued, you will receive a pro-rated refund of any sessions that were not given.

    However, you will NOT receive a refund if YOU decide to discontinue participation.

  • ”Is

    A resounding YES.  Since each case represents a patient seen at a spine care facility, it is likely that these are the types of patients that could present to your office.

    Although this program has benefit for any clinician, it is especially beneficial to younger clinicians who lack exposure to the wide variety of patients they will see in practice.

  • ”Will

    Yes. Upon completion of the 21 2-hour modules you will receive a certificate of completion of “Advanced Case Studies in Spine and Neuromuscular Disease”  Click HERE to view.

  • ”How

    Call me direct at:  904-703-5105

    Email me direct at:  nrvdoc@hotmail.com

    Use this contact form:  CLICK HERE

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