Deb D.

“Dr. Fudala was there with me every step of the way through the course of my conservative care, then subsequent surgery and rehabilitation.  He helped me to understand the expectations from each treatment option so that I could be truly informed about my decisions.  During the course of my recovery from surgery he provided the guidance so that I could overcome my fears, and eventually return to productive work.”  –Deb D.

Eric P. Allen

When needed, I have found it helpful working with Dr. Fudala because of his experience and familiarity with a broad range of diagnostic possibilities and approaches to treatment.  His input into my clients situations is always thorough, objective, and unbiased.”  — Eric P. Allen, Attorney at Law

Paul G.

“I contacted Dr. Fudala after an acute episode of severe back pain had immobilized me.  After reviewing my past records and examining me he suggested that I use common sense and hold off on any expensive testing or treatment.  He showed me a few exercises to gently improve my mobility and within a few days I was back to normal.  I probably saved over $1000 in testing alone.” –Paul G.

Dr. Eric Eiselt

“Prior to Dr. Fudala moving to Florida, I would refer him my patients that were not improving, or when I was uncertain about their diagnosis.  He was always comprehensive and his attention to detail beyond reproach.  Just as important, my patients would return feeling appreciative for his thorough approach and willingness to spend the necessary time to fully answer their concerns.” — Dr. Eric Eiselt, Chiropractic Physician

Sherry F

“I developed intermittent tingling in my arm and went to my family doctor who wanted me to get an MRI of my neck, my brain, and possibly see a surgeon.  After seeing Dr. Fudala, and having him advise me that my neurologic exam was normal, he recommended several options, including observation.  I decided to pursue Chiropractic care and after a few visits all of my symptoms were gone and I avoided the unnecessary expense of the MRI’s.” — Sherry F.

Jonathan H.

“I asked Dr. Fudala to consult with one of our pitchers who had a past history of low back disc problems and had recently been injured. After his assessment, it was determined that an MRI wasn’t really needed and that the problem was with his musculature and not his spine. He recommended some stretching, soft tissue work, and a gradual return to normal activity to assess performance and function. We implemented that and our pitcher was able to return and complete a successful season.” –Jonathan H.

Dr. Gary Huber

“Back pain is scary. We have all heard horror stories and the decision making is difficult. I met Dr. Fudala when my wife developed back issues. It was a unique experience for us and one that changed the direction of our course most favorably. Dr. Fudala wasn’t selling or promoting a surgery or a procedure. He understood the many patterns of back pain as a disease process and was truly seeking to find the path to address our personal situation. He helped promote our understanding of the issues at hand, to enable us to make decisions with greater confidence. He was a calming influence within our storm of fear and apprehension. It has now been many years and my wife is doing well. We still look back fondly at our interaction with Dr. Fudala and it is with tremendous gratitude that I recommend his talents to anyone seeking a solution. He is truly the “Sherlock Holmes” of back pain as he genuinely seeks to understand and unravel the mysteries of your back pain while serving your needs and not his own agenda. Truly remarkable.” — Dr. Gary Huber