My consulting career involved patients being referred to me for 4 primary reasons.

• They wanted to know what is wrong and hadn’t gotten answers.
• Their treatment had been ineffective or only partially effective.
• Their questions had not been adequately answered.
• They had received conflicting information about their problem.

This experience has always required that I take a comprehensive, unbiased, and open-minded approach to each of these situations.


From 1988-1993, I was a practicing Chiropractic Physician, providing treatment to patients in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In 1993, after completing additional training to become a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, I opened an independent consulting practice for patients suffering with problems related to their spine and peripheral nervous system (nerves and muscles of the arms or legs).  My responsibilities included making a proper diagnosis, discussing and recommending options for treatment, and providing ongoing supervision of care.

In January 2001, I was invited to join the neurosurgical division of a large specialty referral practice where I remained until August 2011. There, I performed initial assessment (triage) of referred patients and a majority of the specialized neurologic testing (EMG/NCV) that was required.  A primary role was identifying and expediting patients requiring urgent surgical attention, and recommending alternatives for patients not needing or wanting surgery. During this time, I also developed and supervised a structural spine care program for non-surgical and post-surgical patients.

I resigned from this practice to devote a greater portion of time to independent study, post-graduate teaching, and providing one-on-one personal consulting to patients, businesses, and other doctors.

From August 2011 until now, I have been involved in consulting for individual patients and professionals as well as developing post-graduate educational programs for clinicians involved in spine-related care.


I graduated Cum Laude, Salutatorian, from the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL, in 1987, also being recognized as class vice-president and a member of the National Honor Society.
In Ohio, I was Neurology Chairman for the Ohio State Chiropractic Association and served on their peer review and college site approval committees.  In 1995 I received their prestigious “Chiropractor of the Year” award.

I have been a board member and educational chairman for the International Board of Electrodiagnosis and currently serve on the educational committee for the International Academy of Chiropractic Neurologists.

My passion continues to be education and I have been invited to present lectures at many venues on a wide-variety of topics, typically focusing on neurology and structural spine diagnosis.


For patients, today’s health care environment has made it extremely difficult for many to receive the necessary time or education to allow informed decisions to be made.  In fact, many patients have become no more than an x-ray, MRI image, or  byte of data on a lab report. Often being shuffled quickly from one doctor to another their questions remain inadequately answered. The information given about their options is often very limited and not uncommonly biased towards the type of clinician seen.

The challenges clinicians face can even be more demanding. Increasing overheads, bureaucratic regulations, and burdensome paper work have cut into not only the time they have available, both for direct patient contact as well as for their own professional learning.

The programs offered through Spineline have been developed to meet the unique needs of both young and seasoned clinicians alike.

Younger professionals often lack the experience in working through some of the complex situations they will face in practice.  They have the knowledge, but have not yet refined that knowledge to where it can be confidently and efficiently applied.  Clinical Transitions (Click HERE for more information) is a live, interactive Virtual Residency to provide that experience.

Seasoned professionals often have no time to sort through numerous journals and reading material that is irrelevant to their practices.  They require information that is not only accurate, but pragmatic and applicable to the needs of their practices.  Spine-Source was developed to meet this need.  You can receive these FREE updates by signing up on the right side of the page.

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