The Spineline AIM Approach to Back Pain Management

Spineline has developed a unique approach to understanding your options for back pain treatment. Our AIM approach is based on three main concepts:





  • The clinical situation
    • What is the diagnosis? Is more testing needed?
    • What has been done already? Is treatment needed?
    • Will time and home instruction or exercise take care of this?
    • What factors contribute to the problem?
    • Are there serious concerns-either for another diagnosis or more severe neurologic problem requiring urgent attention?
  • The financial situation
    • What is your insurance situation? Do you have high or low deductibles?
    • What is the best use of your money?
  • Any related health issues
    • Are there other co-morbid conditions that would affect their recovery or increase their risk for certain procedures?
    • Are there other health factors that lead to increased risk for recurrent pain?
  • Your personal preferences and lifestyles
    • Do you have time for multiple appointments and office visits?
    • What are your expectations from any treatment?
    • Do you desire more “natural care” or are you simply looking to try to get out of pain as quickly as possible?
  • Options for care or additional testing
    • Given the entire scenario, what options are available?
    • What are reasonable expectations from these options?
    • How do these options fit into the big picture?



  • About the condition
    • What is definite versus speculative?
    • Can an exact diagnosis be made?
    • What has been shown on testing that may be relevant versus what is relevant?
    • How do other health issues may affect their treatment options?
  • About your exam
    • Are there any significant “red flags” indicating more severe disease?
  • About your options for testing/treatment
    • What to expect from each?
    • What the cost factor may be?
    • What benefit is derived? For surgery..what is considered a “success” for various procedures?
  • What can you do to help yourself including home exercises, quitting smoking or weight loss?
  • What can be done to prevent recurrences?




  • Things don’t always work out perfectly.  We will develop a coordinated plan rather than haphazardly “throwing mud on the wall” like most people choose care.  It is inefficient, frustrated, and wastes time and $$.  At each step your questions and concerns will be addressed to provide realistic expectations from each step.  You will be monitored for changes and modifications to plan made if necessary.  Your records will be orderly.  If needed, referrals with specialists will be coordinated.

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