Patients With Spine Pain Face Problems

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Over 200 treatments are offered by 23 different clinical professionals yet treatment failures and disabilities are rising.

Patient confusion and frustration, due to conflicting opinions, unanswered questions, and professional bickering, is now commonplace.

Financial conflicts of interest, market competition, or political bias too often affect the recommendations many patients receive.

Researchers state that “Choosing spine care today is like shopping in a foreign supermarket without being able to understand the product labels.” 

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The Clinicians We Train Find Solutions

We enhance a clinician’s ability to provide authoritative treatment and information for spine-related disorders.

Presentations are scientifically accurate, objective, up to date, and without political or professional bias.

Doctors will learn what they would want to know if they were the patient seeking advice for their own problem. 


Each program offers insight into diagnosis, test reliability, and comparative outcomes between treatment options.

The professionals we train become better equipped to personally manage or coordinate the care of their patients.

In summary, we help position clinicians as their patient’s most knowledgeable and trusted resource for guidance.

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Chiropractic Doctors should become the Clinical Authority for the management of lumbar spinal stenosis

  • The number of people afflicted with the disorder is increasing as the population ages.
  • It is the top reason that patients over the age of 60 have spine surgery.
  • The results of surgery are neither impressive nor predictable.
  • Patients need clinicians who provide valid and unbiased information to help them make good choices.

There are 3 primary components to achieving Clinical Authority

  • Knowledge:  About the condition, the options, the differentials, and proper use of testing.
  • Awareness of the subtleties:  Experts recognize and reconcile small things leading to big differences.
  • Impartiality: Authorities convey accurate information leading to wise, individually appropriate, decisions.

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Who Am I?

IMG_7754Since 1993, I have practiced consulting neurology for disorders affecting the spine, muscles, joints, and nerves.

I help people make decisions about what treatment is right for them, based upon the combination of their diagnosis, preferences, and personal life-styles.

In August 2011 I resigned from the neurosurgical division of a large specialty practice.  Since then I have devoted more time to independent study and the development of training programs for doctors.  

The diversity of my career, requiring interaction with varied professionals, allows me to bring  unique experience and insight to the doctors and clients I work with. 

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